[PATCH RFC V3 2/3] mxs: add driver for ocotp in i.MX23 and i.MX28

Ezequiel Garcia ezequiel at vanguardiasur.com.ar
Fri Nov 7 11:14:21 PST 2014

On 11/06/2014 04:25 PM, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> Hi,
>> Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de> hat am 28. Oktober 2014 um 20:13 geschrieben:
>> [...]
>> I came up with MTD just because a grep for OTP showed most hits in there.
>> I have to admit that I didn't check whether those are actually for
>> the same kind of device or for something else that goes by the same
>> name. Having it in MTD doesn't sound too obscure though.
>> There are a few other references to efuse or otp in the kernel, which means
>> that at some point we probably want to have a common subsystem and user
>> interface for this, either in MTD or standalone.
>> Between drivers/misc/fsl_ocotp.c, drivers/soc/tegra/fuse and
>> drivers/mfd/ab3100-otp.c, is there any commonality that we could
>> base an abstract API on?
> i don't have a answer to this question, but how about changing fsl_ocotp driver
> to driver/soc/mxs/fuse with a similiar binary interface like the tegra ones.
> Does it make sense to you?

While you are here, maybe you can check if your API and driver will also
be useful to support i.MX6 OCOTP?

I understand that I might be asking too much, and that perhaps i.MX23/28
eFuses are completely different from other another i.MX.
Ezequiel Garcia, VanguardiaSur

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