[ldv-project] [net] libertas: potential race condition

Pavel Andrianov andrianov at ispras.ru
Tue Jun 7 02:30:12 PDT 2016


There is a potential race condition in 
In the function lbs_hard_start_xmit(..), line 159, a socket buffer is 
written to priv->current_skb with a spin_lock protection.
In the function lbs_mac_event_disconnected(..), lines 50-51, the field 
current_skb is cleaned. There is no protection used. The corresponding 
handlers are activated at the same time in lbs_start_card(..) and then 
may be executed simultaneously. Note, there are two structures 
lbs_netdev_ops and mesh_netdev_ops, which have the target handler 
Is it a real race or I have missed something?

Pavel Andrianov
Linux Verification Center, ISPRAS
web: http://linuxtesting.org
e-mail: andrianov at ispras.ru

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