sd8688 firmware location

Lubomir Rintel lkundrak at
Tue Jan 8 18:56:00 EST 2013


btmrvl_sdio and libertas_sdio both use firmware files sd8688.bin and
sd8688_helper.bin. In linux-firmware, they're present in libertas/ tree and
(since 3d32a58b) libertas_sdio perfers loading it from there, while it is able
to fallback to load it from linux-firmware root. btmrvl_sdio, on the other hand
only looks in the root and ends up not being successful.

Obviously, there are two solutions to the problem -- either teach btmrvl_sdio
to look into libertas/, or move the files in linux-firmware tree. I don't
really have a strong preference, though it probably makes less sense to keep in
in libertas/, since the bluetooth hardware is not really marketed as "Libertas."

I'm following up with patches to linux and linux-firmware and I'd be very
thankful if you could pick one (not both of them).

Have a nice day!
Lubomir Rintel       >o

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