Power saving (lowering power consumption in general)

Bee Con bee.con at wp.pl
Tue Oct 9 03:45:50 EDT 2012


I'm working with IGEP SoC having Marvell 88W8686 WLAN card connected via SDIO. I'm using latest stable Linux kernel for this SoC (v2.6.37.4). Because I'm going to use this device in embedded application working on battery I want to lower power consumption as much as it's possible. I'm having some issues with this WLAN card, because it consumes 110 mA when connected to network using WPA2.

I tried to configure power management settings for this driver, but without a luck. I cannot lower interface speed, enable power save mode lower TX power etc. Doesn't matter what I do iw and iwconfig always fails with "Operation not supported" with some error codes.

I looked at libertas sources and I found, that it has limited support for cfg80211 (which, as I understand, is used by iwconfig to set up card parameters). So I want to ask if there's any way to lower power consumption of my card? Maybe there were some prominent changes in power management area since Linux 2.6.37, so I can try to backport drivers from newer kernels.

I'll be grateful for any replies.

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