looking for consultant

Eric Diethorn ejd at mhacoustics.com
Thu Nov 29 20:56:32 EST 2012

Hello libertas Community,

I am looking for a consultant who can assist us with modifications to the
liberates_sdio driver and firmware to provide RF power control and
monitoring. I'd like to use the tools iwconfig or iw to control transmit
power level (txpower), which does not seem to be supported at the moment
but once was, but I'd also like to consider modifying the adaptive power
control mechanism (auto). I am developing on the Gumstix Overo IronSTORM,
using linux 3.2 and the standard libertas_sdio driver and firmware for the
wi2wi module.


Eric Diethorn
ejd at mhacoustics.com

Eric Diethorn
mh acoustics LLC

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