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Samuel Rasmussen srasmus2 at asu.edu
Tue Apr 3 21:35:23 EDT 2012


I'm having a problem with wifi, and I was hoping someone on the list would
have a suggestion of how to fix it.

In Short:
I'm working on an embedded device that doesn't always have enough power to
turn on the wifi at boot up.  I need to be able to able to turn on wifi
after the device has already been on for a while.  The libertas driver
works great for initializing wifi at boot up.  When wifi is disabled on
boot up, the libertas driver is unable to initialize wifi once it's finally
turned on.

We’re using Gumstix hardware with a TI OMAP730 processor running a Linux
OS.  The Gumstix has a W2CBW003 wifi module.

Our goal is to power up our device with wifi disabled and be able to turn
it on whenever we want in the future.  It is simple to keep wifi from
coming up at boot time by not enabling the GPIO that powers the wifi
module.  The problem is trying to turn it on afterwards.  After the Gumstix
is up and running, I turn on the GPIO to enable wfi.  When this occurs, the
Gumstix only consumes a little more power (not nearly as much as when wifi
is fully up and running).  Next I modprobe the libertas_sdio driver, but
the wifi never starts working.  I’ve tried adding some debug to the
Libertas code but haven’t yet found out what’s going wrong.  It looks like
mmc_attach_sdio() and mmc_sdio_init_card are two of the first functions
that get called for initializing wfi.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to duplicate the initialization
process that occurs on boot up so wifi can be initialized at a later time?

Thanks for taking time to read this,

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