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Hi John, the eeprom is blank, I build this module base on the 8686 reference schematic on the marvell site, and it would be run under linux.
I have downloaded all the lab tools, MFG but the SPI program is asking for the agilent tool, so I was looking how can I program a blank eeprom with a default firmware via SPI with out having the Agilent tool.

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Hi Andre, 


To program the EEPROM you’ll need to
be running a version of the lab tools that communicates through the driver and
manufacturing firmware running on the 8686.  I’ll need more details
on the environment you are using to give you the appropriate direction (OS,
platform, etc.). 




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Subject: programming the eeprom 


  Hi I'm looking for a way to program the eeprom on
  the marvell wifi chip 8686, in their datasheet they require to use the
  agilent tool and a spectrum analizer for the close loop programming, I dont
  have any of that, is there any other way to reprogram the eeprom? 


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