Freescale i.mx25 SDIO/Libertas issue

zamek42 zamek42 at
Mon May 30 03:17:46 EDT 2011


05/30/2011 03:52 AM keltezéssel, Andre Renaud írta:
> Hello,
> I am trying to use a Wi2Wi 802.11b/g (W2CBW009S) module attached to an
> i.MX25 cpu, specifically the i.MX25 PDK from freescale, although I've
> also tried it on a DeviceSolutions Topaz i.MX25. However it is unable to
> fully load the driver, leaving me with the following in the logs:
> Has anyone successfully used the i.MX25 SDIO controller with anything
> other than straight MMC cards (which seem to work fine in the setup that
> I have)?
Yes, I use it. Try to download 2.6.35 kernel from Freescale repository:

Zoltan (Zamek) Zidarics
email:zamek42 at

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