Command sequence numbers - do they have to be sequential?

Daniel Drake dsd at
Sat May 14 14:32:52 EDT 2011


Can someone see what the specs have to say about the sequence number
field in the cmd_header that is sent to the device with every command?
Does it have to go sequential, one greater than the previous command?

We are still battling a libertas device hang during resume here:

I have found a bug in the libertas driver where commands are sometimes
sent with sequence numbers out of order. The case that we have full
logs for shows that the device is hanging at a time when this has just
happened. Yet the logs also show other times when out-of-order
commands are sent and the device deals with it OK.

If this is definitely a bug or if testing shows that it helps, I'll
submit the patch we're testing within the next few days.


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