libertas on ETRAX FS / Elphel 353?

George Chriss GChriss at
Thu Jun 16 19:08:36 EDT 2011


I'm interested in hacking the libertas driver to run on an Axis ETRAX FS
with a heavily-patched 2.6.19 kernel.[1]

It's a discontinued CPU and also a big jump from the >= 2.6.24 kernels
supported by compat-wireless.  However, support for this target would mean
that wireless CompactFlash cards[2] could be used to broadcast live
audio/video wirelessly from Elphel cameras[3].  Current Elphel models are
limited to USB 1.1 (too slow for video) and the only other option that
comes to mind is attaching a wireless router to the Ethernet port.  Newer
Elphel models are unlikely to be released in the near future and it would
take a lot of development effort to update the kernel in current models.

Is libertas support for this embedded system feasible?  I attempted to
build compat-wireless against the Elphel kernel sources and successfully
generated a long list of errors with 'make --keep-going' after commenting
out unnecessary parts of the Makefile.  The build log may be found at [4].


[1] Running code on the ETRAX FS CPU requires use of gcc-cris.
[2] Such as the AmbiCom WL54CF, which powers up and fits nicely into the
Elphel NC353L-369

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