[Solved] Re: Freescale i.mx25 SDIO/Libertas issue

zamek42 zamek42 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 05:14:33 EDT 2011


06/02/2011 12:41 AM keltezéssel, Andre Renaud írta:
> Thanks for that information - using that kernel branch I have had it all
> working properly, on both an 8686 and 8688 Marvell SDIO device. These
> are both external (plugged in).
Its a good news... :)
> I was hoping to do a git bisect to determine where the fault lay,
I think so bisect cannot found anything, because it used for found a 
mistake on a previously working source code.
But sdio is not worked on 2.6.31 and becomes good on 2.6.35.

> however it seems that the imx tree uses a completely different SDIO
> driver. I have validated the Libertas driver on a different CPU (atmel)
> from the same kernel, so I'm assuming at this stage that the fault lies
> in the SDIO driver in the current Linux mainline.
Yes, unfortunately Freesacle has an own kernel tree, and cannot works 
with vanilla kernel.

Zoltan (Zamek) Zidarics
email:zamek42 at gmail.com

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