Marvell 8786SD support

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Thu Dec 22 12:10:50 EST 2011


12/22/2011 04:00 PM keltezéssel, 237 Rumjantsev Egor (PROG) írta:
> Hello.
> Is there any open source driver for Marvell's 8786SD chipset?
> We want to use EmbeddedWorks SDIO b/g/n module in our device but 
> haven't had any information how to use it in Linux.
> EmbeddedWorks can give binary sd8xxx module which built for 2.6.28 
> kernel.
> I understand that Libertas doesn't support 8786 chip but may be 
> community can help.
Try to check mwifiex which is a driver for Marvell's 8787 chip in main 
kernel tree. The readme says only 8787, but perhaps it can drives 8787.

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