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Samuel Rasmussen srasmus2 at
Wed Aug 17 18:03:22 EDT 2011

I am currently working on a project that uses a Marvell 8686 chip and
Libertas driver to control WiFi (kernel 2.6.39).  My hardware is power
sensitive, and I need to turn deep sleep on.  The Libertas README file
states that I can use "iwconfig wlan0 power period 0" to enable deep sleep
mode.  In order for this command to work properly, I had to install a more
recent version of the Wireless Tools (v30 pre9).  However, I am still
getting an error:

 $ iwconfig wlan2 power period 0

Error for wireless request “Set Power Management” (8B2C) :

      SET failed on device wlan2 ; Operation not supported.

I went through the mailing list archives and saw that you guys were saying
the iwconfig power commands would not work:

"Bing Zhao

*Tue Jul 19 22:33:23 EDT 2011*

Hi Daniel,

>* > To enable deep sleep mode:
*>* > iwconfig wlan0 power period 0
*>* >
*>* > To enable auto deep sleep mode with idle time period set to 5 seconds:
*>* > iwconfig wlan0 power period 5
*>* >
*>* > To disable deep sleep/auto deep sleep mode:
*>* > iwconfig wlan0 power period -1
*>* Paul pointed out that indeed, in old kernels, this functionality was
*>* hooked up to the power wireless extension.
*>* In recent kernels, this is not the case - its not hooked up to
*>* anything. The commands you write above will fail.
Yeah. I didn't know that the entire wext has been removed from libertas.

Anyway, for users who need this feature we can add a module parameter
to enable it with the patch below. Please let me know what you think.


After discussing the situation, it sounded like you were looking into using
the cfg80211 API for power options.

What is the current method I can use to turn deep sleep on and off?

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