libertas-uap on imx25 cannot receive [solved]

zamek42 zamek42 at
Mon Aug 1 08:11:45 EDT 2011

Hi All,

I found the problem. The driver didn't set the MediaConnected variable 
in priv structure. Normally it sets the MICRO_AP_EV_BSS_ACTIVE event or 
after open it checks.
The kernel cannot send any of packet to this device, because it was 

First I made a little workaround, when a packet is received, I set this 
variable directly, because if it could receive a packet, it means media 
is connected. And I think so it is a firmware error, and I try to change 
to another firmware, it  becomes good to work.

Zoltan (Zamek) Zidarics
email:zamek42 at

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