[PATCH 1/2] libertas: add ability to power off card on suspend

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Tue Aug 2 16:32:27 EDT 2011

On 2 August 2011 21:09, Vasily Khoruzhick <anarsoul at gmail.com> wrote:
> Because no one puts interface down before suspend?
> I just re-tested - if interface is up - kernel does not put it down before
> suspend, so I got a lot of timeouts and errors on dmesg after resume.

I can't see how this would have been influenced by my work.

Your resume handler should already be fixing up the hardware state so
that it can be operated (regardless of any power saving that might
come into effect), or otherwise your suspend handler should cause the
device to be removed so that it can be reprobed completely during


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