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Fri Nov 6 13:01:15 EST 2009

> If the SSID coming in from WEXT *is* valid, but somehow the driver is
> messing up the SSID internally before sending the assoc request, well
> that's a different story and we should fix that. =C2=A0Any idea if the
> incoming WEXT SSID is valid or not?

I have dumped dwrq->flags, extra, and dwrq->length and get

1, %=EF=BF=BD\01, 32

the extra can be varying lengths of garbage always with \00 or \01.

What concerns me about the bogus SSID has a null character in the
middle of it.  This seems to me that we are doing bad math somewhere.
That looks to me like a blank SSID a null then a flag possibly.

> But honestly we should be queuing the assoc request and only execeuting
> it *after* the scan is done. =C2=A0Or we could reject assoc becuase there=
> an ongoing scan, but that's just mean and makes clients fail.

I have enable wpa_supplicant logging and I don't see the association
request anywhere.  I see the scan requests but not an association
request until the scan has finished and it has found my AP.

Thanks for the pointers.  I will also try dumping the invalid
association request and verify that fixes the scanning delay I am


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