Firmware loads twice.

Colin Bates colin.bates at
Wed Nov 4 18:25:18 EST 2009


I am using Angstrom on a Zaurus. When I plug in my CF wifi card the libertas 
and libertas_cs modules load and /lib/udev/ is called.

The problem is that the script is called twice to load the 
libertas_helper.fw file.

I have tried chasing through the Kernel with printk's to find why this is. 
From what I can see everything is correct until the netlink_broadcast 
function. After that I get a bit lost as to how udev calls the

The SEQNUM is that same for both calls to From what I can see 
this means that all is correct from libertas_cs through to the 
netlink_broadcast call in kobject_uevent.c.

The second call does not start until the script has returned from 
the first call.

With some hacking to make the ignore the second call I can make 
the things work and the eth0 interface appears.

Any help as to what is going would be appreciated.



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