Bart Cerneels bart.cerneels at
Wed Nov 4 06:27:32 EST 2009

Hi all

I've hit a problem with libertas and a marvell sd8385 using FW version
5.0.11p0 and 5.0.20p0.

It's the same timeout issues like [1] but with completely difference
processor architecture and MMC host controller.
While I suspected the host controller to be the problem, this makes me
think its the libertas-sdio driver again.

So what is the most likely culprit here firmware (tried 2 versions),
libertas-core, libertas-sdio or perhaps it's the MMC host screwing
everything up.

I'm not really experience with SD but I absolutely have to fix this
issue this month so if you can help me you can expect a patch if it
turns out to be a libertas bug.



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