Libertas:packet fragment in 8686 sdio driver

Greg Lo iamsllo at
Wed May 6 02:27:40 EDT 2009

Dear all,
I have a problem when i trying to get 8686 sdio wifi board working.
Everything works well in the beginning, but after 5~10 minutes the
driver get a disassociate event and then run all disconnect process.
Dose anyone have a idea about the packet fragment?
packet of type 3 and size 16 bytes
packet fragment (16 < 32) -- type = 3
libertas enter: if_sdio_handle_event()
libertas enter: lbs_queue_event()
libertas leave: lbs_queue_event()
libertas leave: if_sdio_handle_event(), ret 0
libertas leave: if_sdio_card_to_host(), ret 0
libertas leave: if_sdio_interrupt(), ret 0
libertas thread: 2: currenttxskb 00000000, dnld_send 0
libertas thread: 3: currenttxskb 00000000, dnld_sent 0
libertas thread: 4: currenttxskb 00000000, dnld_sent 0
libertas thread: ps_state: 0
libertas enter: lbs_process_event()
libertas cmd: EVENT: disassociated
libertas enter: lbs_mac_event_disconnected()
libertas leave: lbs_mac_event_disconnected()
libertas leave: lbs_process_event(), ret 0
libertas enter: lbs_execute_next_command()
libertas leave: lbs_execute_next_command()
libertas thread: 1: currenttxskb 00000000, dnld_sent 0
libertas thread: sleeping, connect_status 1, ps_mode 0, ps_state 0
libertas enter: lbs_get_stats()


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