[PATCH] Marvell CF8381

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Mon Mar 23 08:27:18 EDT 2009

> -       priv->regioncode = le16_to_cpu(cmd.regioncode) & 0xFF;
> +       priv->regioncode = (le16_to_cpu(cmd.regioncode) & 
0xFF00) >> 8;

Hmm, the change that this breaks 8385 is quite high, maybe 100

It could simply be the case that your firmware returns the value
in a different order than mine. So we either need to test for the
firmware version or for the hardware before getting the value via
one or the other method.

Maybe it's worthwhile to create some hw_is_8381() function and 
then do the things that need to be differently based on it's 
return value?

The documentation for CMG_GET_HW_SPEC that I have says

RegionCode   UINT16    Set to 0

so I see no indicator that we have two 8 bit values here. But
we've seen bugs in docs before :-)

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