Libetas can not reload modules

Dongas dongas86 at
Wed Jun 17 10:27:56 EDT 2009

2009/6/17 Dan Williams <dcbw at>:
>> Thanks a lot, Dan.
>> Yes, i'm using an embedded system based on ARM926 core.
>> We will try the HW method you mentioned.
> See if that works; that's probably the *most* foolproof method at this
> time.  On module unload, you'd toggle power to the card or something,
> and then wait a few seconds, and then bring power back up so that
> there's something to bind the driver to.

We have tried this method today.
God hates me , the issue i encounterred is that when we toggled the
power off after unloaded libertas modules,
the SDIO card registered in kernel would be removed automaticlly since
a card(remove) detection interrupt happened.
The message is "mmc1: card 0001 removed".
But when we powered on the card again, there's no card (insert)
detection interrupt happened, so the SDIO card can not be registered
into kernel aucomaticlly.

Anway, this may have something with our HW.
I will consult with our HW engineer and i will also try the waiting a
few seconds before power up again as you said.

>> > We'd need some insight into the firmware and bus-level stuff to figure
>> > out why the card doesn't reset itself from CMD_802_11_RESET.  Maybe we
>> > should investigate that again; the v10 docs still say CMD_802_11_RESET
>> > is the correct method to return the card to a clean state.
>> Hmmm, i know Marvell  doesn't play well with community.
>> AFAIK, Marvell never release the firmware code, right?
>> So it may be hard to find the root cause.
> Marvell is actually fairly good about playing with the community these
> days, particularly in the ARM and ethernet space, and is fairly good
> about the wifi space.

Good news.

>> BTW, it seems you have checked Mobin driver,
>> How does it treat this issue?
> I haven't checked, but it might make sense to do so.  I'd also actually
> like to try CMD_802_11_RESET again just to make sure.

Yes, it would be worthwhile giving a try.
Good luck! :-)



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