Winbond W83L528G-A SDIO controller support

Pierre Ossman drzeus at
Sat Feb 21 08:17:08 EST 2009

On Fri, 6 Feb 2009 10:30:57 -0700
Shawn Rutledge <shawn.t.rutledge at> wrote:

> I tried adding most of the existing "quirks" in various combinations, like
> static const struct sdhci_pci_fixes sdhci_winbond = {
> };
> It didn't change the short-term behavior at all, as far as I can tell:
> the Marvell SDIO WLAN card works fine most of the time, and sometimes
> there are timeouts.  However if I use a flash memory card it doesn't
> work at all.

Flash cards generally require a lot less from the hardware than SDIO,
so I'd start with getting that working. Then we can see if the SDIO
issues are still present.

> First time I've seen that type type of bug.  (The timeouts happen
> often enough though.)

No idea what is causing that. The stack wasn't giving use anything
useful, so pinpointing it will be difficult. But for now it's better to
focus on the problems that are easier to trace.

Can you compile with MMC_DEBUG and give me a dmesg dump of what happens
when you insert a memory card?

     -- Pierre Ossman

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