The Jews Killed Jesus: A Video Presentation -- Commie Obama's Infomercial

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The Jews Killed Jesus: A Video Presentation 
By Christopher Jon Bjerknes
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I made a short presentation which presents the proof that Christian and Jewish religious texts establish that the Jews murdered Jesus Christ:

Another copy appears here:


Commie Obama's Infomercial 
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's Fort Myers, Florida, infomercial sounds a lot like the Communists asinine "Five Year Plans". The Commies would promise that in five years, the cows would give three times as much milk, the fields would yield ten times as much wheat, and the Americans would join the Communist revolution. It took the Jews more than five years, but they have now succeeded in turning us Communist under their puppet Obama.

The Jews who own Obama know that Americans have too much common sense to support their destruction of America. The Jews who own Obama know that Americans are against their policies, which Obama obeys.

The Jews are using Obama to subvert our democracy and seduce Americans into believing that Obama's Jewish plan to ruin America somehow makes sense. The Jews are using their advertising acumen to pitch their plan for our death, so that we clamor for the very things which will destroy us. Hence, the Jews send Obama out on televised infomercials to deceive the American public in the hopes of changing their views. This is one way the Jews control public opinion.

Americans are terribly naive and unfamiliar with this Jewish Communist propaganda. Americans are gullible and vulnerable to these infomercial psychological techniques in which crowds containing plants working for the Jews are led to applaud Obama and make it appear that Obama's views are sensible and are popular. Note that no dissenting voices are allowed. It is just one long sales pitch.

Obama is dangerous. We have to work much harder to discredit him.

Obama is not attacking the banks who are crashing our economy. Obama is not instituting the protectionist measures we need. Obama is not sponsoring domestic production. Obama is not addressing the crisis in Latin America which will soon bite us in the backside. Obama is instead proposing a massive increase in purchasing power which will only increase our debts and send our currency overseas, without increasing our domestic production. The result will be hyperinflation, the loss of the use of the US dollar overseas, and massive unemployment. This is all by design, and the American public would not support this recipe for disaster without the Jewish advertising techniques being used to subvert our democracy.

We must show the American People how they are being manipulated and misled. We must show the American People that the Jewish bankers and Jewish media put Obama into power, and the Jews absolutely control Obama in the White House. Obama is too stupid and too ignorant to even know how the Jews are using him, though he is their agreeable and knowing slave.

Obama is forcing Americans to overspend on the national credit card and run us into obscene debts so that when the Jews foreclose, they will own everything which was once ours.

Obama is telling us to purchase prosperity on Jewish credit and Obama is running us further into Jewish usurious debt slavery. We should instead be pouring money into production, remove the debt basis from our currency, recover stolen funds from Jewry, and ensure domestic production through protectionism.



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