Problems with Ad-Hoc Mode

Dave Kroetsch dave at
Wed Feb 18 10:30:23 EST 2009


When I set it by hand it seems to stick to what I set it to.  I've 
noticed, when the cards are in auto mode, they wind up to 54M.  When I 
set the rate anywhere above 6M I see to have problems.  I've also seen 
it work at 11M, but never faster.


Dan Williams wrote:

>> 	- start continuous (not flood) pings from machine A to B
>> 	- SCP a large file from A to B
>> scp transfer rates start at a reasonable rate, about 300kB/s, and drop 
>> to like 20kB/s and all of a sudden ping times run up to 500ms-1s.
> Can you periodically run iwconfig and see what the rate it reports?  It
> could be an issue with TX rate adaptation.  Just a thought.

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