SDIO stability [was Re: SDIO Performance once again]

Sven Neumann s.neumann at
Tue Feb 10 10:26:36 EST 2009


On Tue, 2009-02-10 at 10:14 -0500, Dan Williams wrote:

> You'd see error messages and MMC/SD host register dumps if stuff starts
> going wrong.  If you don't see anything that looks suspicious, then it
> may not be the host controller.

I guess we can rule that out then as I don't see anything suspicious in
the MMC debug output. I could still try if I can get the SD card slot to
work in order to stress test the SDIO layer some more. But to me it
looks like the problem is more likely in the libertas module. How would
I go about increasing the command timeouts?


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