Problems with SD8686 SDIO on HTC Shift

Pierre Ossman pierre at
Sat Apr 25 16:07:12 EDT 2009

On Sun, 12 Apr 2009 11:56:23 +0200
Sven Barth <svenmauren at> wrote:

> >
> > You're better off adding it to the pci-ids list so that it shows up in
> > lspci. :)
> >   
> According to your description, this is exactly what I want. :) How to do?

See here:

> I attached two (compressed) syslog entries (dmesg was too short :P ). 
> Both are from the 2.6.24 system. One is using the sd8686-module, the 
> other the libertas ones. I hope this will help.

Ah, it seems you've hit the old issue of crappy controllers. Try
applying this on your kernel:;a=commit;h=ad3868b2ec96ec14a1549c9e33f5f9a2a3c6ab15

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