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Mon Mar 31 11:49:19 EDT 2008

From: Mr. Sun Kav.

Attention Dear,

(1) It is my pleasure to acquaint you with this proposal for The
 purpose of our mutual investment in your country. I am Mr. Sun Kav the only
 Son of late George Kav from Sierra Leone. My late father was a Gold and
 Diamond merchant based in Freetown Sierra-Leone. As a result of the
 political instability of Sierra-Leone, my beloved late father came to
 Malaysia with the sum of USD12, 500,000.000 (US$12.5m) which he deposited
 in a Security Financial Institution in Malaysia with the help of his
 private and confidential lawyer in (london)a whom I live with as my
 present father.

(2) When my beloved late father deposited the fund, he reached
 agreement with the Security Financial Institution that the fund belong to his
 business foreign partner that based in your country, his private and
 confidential lawyer (london)  advised him to did that for ecurity reasons.
(3) when I arrived in Malaysia last year with all the Legal
 Documentations to clam the fund, the Security Financial Institution was asking me
 for my beloved late father business foreign partner that based in your
 country, which is when my lawyer advised me to seek for a foreign
 partner/avenue to transfer this money to a reliable and trustworthy
 individual for investment programmers.

(4) I am now in (london)  as a refugee because of the political crisis
 in my Country Sierra Leone. Please understand that my purpose of
 contacting you is to be into partnership in business with your companies or
 we can create new companies as a life partnership, but remember the
 companies will be under your name as a Citizen. Please I need to transfer
 this money urgently because delay would not help at all and I need to
 relocate based on the political instability in this sub-region, to enable
 me continue my education because I was medical student before the
 sudden death of my father.
(5) Your coming to Malaysia is to stand as my beloved late father
 foreign partners to sign the necessary Documentation in the office of
 Security Financial Institution in Malaysia for the release of the fund and
 you will provide your companies account or overseas account where the
 fund will be transferred, As soon as everything is done in Malaysia, I
 will go back with you to your country for the Investment.

(6) I’ agreed to offer you 25% out of the total money, then 5% will be
 use to cover all the expenses both local and international, while the
 remaing 70% will be for my investment in your country.
(7) I will send you all the Legal Documentations as soon as I hear from
Your immediate response would be appreciated.

Best regards

Mr.Sun Kav.

God Bless you. 

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