MuRata WiFi Module with Marvell 88w8686

claud_yu claud_yu at
Fri Mar 28 06:52:45 EDT 2008

Hi !!

It's my first time to this mail-list. I have a driver
initialize problem with our platform with Marvell
88w8686. Our platform is Freescale iMX31 and use SDIO
connect to WiFi module with Marvell 88w8686. The
module is made by MuRata. The SD interface work with
SD/SDHC/MMC memory card. And  I try to port libertas
driver from linux kernel 2.6.24. First is
identification problem. The libertas driver use SD CIS
to identify  which type of wifi chip ( 88w8686 or
88w8385). But Murata module CIS information show CIS
data below.
: TPLMID_MANF = 0x02df

: TPLMID_CARD = 0x9103



: max speed = 25000 kbps




: TPLFE_CARD_PSN = 0x00000000

: TPLFE_CSA_SIZE = 0x00000000



: TPLFE_OCR = 0x00000000

: operating current (min/avg/max) = 0/0/0 mA

: standby current (min/avg/max) = 0/0/0 mA

: minimum data bandwidth = 0 KB/sec

: optimum data bandwidth = 0 KB/sec
And the content didn't contain keyword to identify the
type of wifi chip ( "802.11 SDIO ID: %x" or "ID: %x"
from if_sdio.c). I try to force the driver to identify
the module as 88w8686 with set the varible mode= 0xb. 
And I download Marvell 88w8686 sdio driver 8.73.7 and
9.70.3. And get from firmware and helper binary code
from Marvell driver. After the SDIO module insertion ,
the kernel show libertas debug message below (enable
DEBUG in driver and configure udev and firmware

mmc0: new SDIO card at address 0001

libertas enter: if_sdio_probe():865

libertas thread: class = 0x7, vendor = 0x2DF, device =
0x9103, model = 0xB, ioport = 0x10000

libertas enter: if_sdio_prog_firmware():662

libertas enter: if_sdio_prog_helper():416

libertas thread: waiting for helper to boot...

libertas leave: if_sdio_prog_helper():516, ret 0

libertas enter: if_sdio_prog_real():532

libertas thread: firmware helper signalled error

libertas: failed to load firmware

libertas leave: if_sdio_prog_real():652, ret -5

libertas leave: if_sdio_prog_firmware():688, ret -5

libertas leave: if_sdio_probe():985, ret -5

libertas_sdio: probe of mmc0:0001:1 failed with error

/ #

The message show the helper download success and get
one error from helper during download the firmware. 

I have some question about the libertas driver and
MuRata module. First , the CIS information should be
in 88w8686. Why the CIS of MuRata module is different
? And should the binary code (fimrware )download from
Marvell website ? 

Claud Yu


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