ARM, SDIO over SPI & 88W8686 firmware loading issue

David Anders dave123_aml at
Wed Mar 19 16:03:45 EDT 2008


> >
> > Yeah, you'd need to get G-SPI firmware from Marvell first, and then the
> > process is different depending on whether you have single stage or
> > two-stage firmware.  
> But if we want to use the device in "SDIO SPI mode" (noted as mandatory 
> in SDIO specs), do you think there is a special firmware or the SDIO one 
> is usable ? (at that time, my tries with this one have all failed)

i was told "off the record" that SDIO SPI mode for the 8385 and 8686 was not implemented. if you
want to use SPI you have to use the GSPI interface.


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