[PATCH] libertas: convert RSSI to a direct command

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Mon Mar 17 06:22:00 EDT 2008

> Good patch; one thing we might want to do in the near future
> is cut the whole RSSI/NF/SNR mess in half by killing all the
> TYPE_BEACON bits of it.

I generally agree, this code is more complicated than it needs to 
be. However, I'm not sure about the killing of TYPE_BEACON.

When I did some test with the driver, I used the equivalent 
of "watch iwconfig". There I saw that "Bit Rate" switched almost 
erratically when near the edge of the access-point range. I 
think this is ok.

But what also happens is that the "Link Quality" and "Signal 
level" values changes rather erratically, in unison with the 
reported bit rate. This erratically changing value makes the 
display of a WLAN quality bar for the end-user almost useless.

I haven't tested this yet, but maybe the usage of of the 
TYPE_BEACON value here I get something that is more smooth, 
because beacons are always transmitted with 1 MB/s.

If we go that route, the TYPE_RXPD value might then just be used 
for radiotap purposes?!?

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