Diversity mode on 8385

Cyril HAENEL chaenel at free.fr
Fri Mar 14 05:12:34 EDT 2008

Anyone can give me the "cap" value you have with you wifi card ?
With mine I have 0x393 :

libertas: 00:0b:6b:11:4a:15, fw 5.0.16p0, cap 0x00000393

0x393 = 001110010011 in binary, thus from the page 48 of the firmware 
specification :
WPA = 1
PS = 1
Reserved = 0
Eeeprom not exit = 0
Tx Antenna Capability = 01
Rx Antenna Capability = 10
Support 802.11b = 1
Support 802.11g = 1
Support 802.11a = 0

My Tx capability is 01, thus antenna 1 only (00 = antenna 0 only, 1x = 

The CMD_802_11_RF_ANTENNA / ACT_SET_TX can accept value 1 (antenna 1), 2 
(antenna 2), or 0xFFFF (diversity).
Now I understand why my wifi module doesn't accept a 
CMD_802_11_RF_ANTENNA / ACT_SET_TX command with another value than 2, 
because my Tx capability is 01 (Thus antenna 2, it is numbered from 0 
Our wifi module has 2 antenna connectors, (J1 and J2). Until now we used 
J1 because we though it was logical. But I done some test, and it's 
seem's Tx is really done on J2 !!!
Not really logical, and the module documentation never explained that !!

I am interested to know if you also have a fixed Tx antenna capability 
on Antenna 2. In fact as I said I am interested by your "hardware 
capablity value" printed at module initialization.



Cyril Haenel
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