Diversity mode on 8385

Cyril HAENEL chaenel at free.fr
Mon Mar 10 11:58:24 EDT 2008

In my case the diversity mode can be set just once, at startup, because 
the antenna configuration doesn't change during all the life of the product.
Thus I think I will add a module parameter and send the configuration 
command at initialization of the chip

Holger Schurig a écrit :

>>I'd personally go for one of these two, in this order:
>>1) debugfs item
>Debugfs is for *debugging*. However, selecting diversity or 
>forcing an antenna has nothing to do with debugging. Some 
>embedded target might have debugfs turned of to save space, in 
>which case they wouldn't be able to change this settings. That's 
>clearly not optimal.
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