[PATCH] [NET] fix the compare command with itself properly

Sebastian Siewior bigeasy at tglx.de
Thu Mar 6 08:00:35 EST 2008

* Holger Schurig | 2008-03-06 13:07:35 [+0100]:

>Hmm, Sebastian,
>John already applied your earlier patch in wireless-testing. This 
>old patch and the new one both cause failures when apply the 
>already-acked-by-Dan-patch "[PATCH] libertas: fix sanity check 
>on sequence number in command response".

I'm little confused. Isn't commit 6305f498 in Linus' tree that
allready-acked-by-Dan-patch? That one fixes the sequence number check.
So it is allready applied, isn't it?

Than we have the cmd reply check. That one had the same problem. I
fixed^H^H^Htried to fix it and posted that patch and asked you to
ACK/NACK it. Then Dan replied that this is allready fixed. Could someone
give a pointer to that fix?
Anyway, my buggy patch sneaked into Linus' tree (8a96df80) and broke the 
non-standard check. This patch fixes it.


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