[RFC] [NET] libertas: fix ethtool -S

Sebastian Siewior bigeasy at tglx.de
Wed Mar 5 05:30:36 EST 2008

* Sebastian Siewior | 2008-03-05 11:28:26 [+0100]:

>First of all we memset the memory incase of an error in order not leak
>anything to the user space. Using kzalloc in first place might be another
>And then I tried to put the correct request to the hardware what got
>broken in 301eacbf30e33f461701df91cb250d3fc24c5fe5

Right now I get:
| libertas host: PREP_CMD: command 0x009b
| libertas host: QUEUE_CMD: inserted command 0x009b into cmdpendingq
| libertas host: EXEC_NEXT_CMD: sending command 0x009b
| libertas host: DNLD_CMD: command 0x009b, seq 13, size 138, jiffies 1397440
| libertas host: CMD_RESP: response 0x809b, seq 13, size 0, jiffies 1397444
| libertas host: CMD_RESP: error 0x0002 in command reply 0x809b
| libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x009b failed: 2

So either the fix is bad or I have a bug in one of my drivers.


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