Marvel 8385 on a Sharp Zaurus

Yan Seiner yan at
Sun Mar 2 22:34:34 EST 2008

I have a Marvell 8385 card that I am trying to use with a Sharp Zaurus, 
a Xscale CPU.  The card is completely dead after associating.

It associates, but fails to transmit any data.  I applied this patch  
and now the packet counters increment when I check with ifconfig but the 
card still doesn't send or receive any data.

In other words, the card associates nearly instantly, I get good signal 
strength with iwconfig, ifconfig shows the RX counter incrementing if I 
ping it from outside, but no packets are sent in response.

If I ping outside from inside the Zaurus, the TX counter increments, but 
nothing is received on the outside.

Is there anything I can do to help debug this?  I am stuck with this 
card (I need Channel 13) and that's the only card that provides that.



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