Barrister happiness Paul barrister_c_michael at
Wed Jun 18 07:58:40 EDT 2008

Compliment of the season.  

How are you doing? 

Hope you have not forgotten me, I am Barrister 

happiness Paul, the Lawyer from Benin who 

contacted you some time ago to assist me secure 

the release of my late client funds to your


Though you were not able to assist me conclude 

the transaction, I'm happy to inform you about my 

success in getting those funds transferred under 

the assistance and cooperation of a new partner 
from Brazil.   

Presently I am in London, United Kingdom for 

investment projects with my share of the total 


Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and 

attempts to assist me in transferring those 

funds, I made sure you are not left out the 

benefit of the transaction hence I kept aside for 

you sum of 1,200.000.00(ONE MILLION TWO THOUSAND 

US DOLLARS)  Draft. 

I and my new partner agreed to compensate you 

with that amount for all your past efforts and 

attempt to assist me in this matter.   I 

appreciated your efforts at that time very much, 

so feel free and get in touch with my learned 

friend Barrister Michael Conli and instruct him 

on how to send the Bank draft to you. 

Please do let me know immediately you receive the 

Draft so that we can share the joy together after 

all the sufferings at that time. 

At the  moment, I, m very busy here in London 

because of the investment projects  which myself 

and my partners are having at hand. 

Finally, remember that I had left  instruction 

with my Learned friend so, as soon as you contact him, he will send the Draft to you.  

Pls. feel free to get in touch with MY LEARNED FRIEND NOW. 

Below is the contact of my learned friend:   

BARRISTER MICHAEL CONLI Tel. No.: +229 97 05 10 43. E-mail: 

barrister_c_michael at      

With Best Regards, 

Barrister happiness Paul

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