MuRata WiFi Module with Marvell 88w8686

Holger Schurig hs4233 at
Wed Jun 18 06:15:25 EDT 2008

> libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x0022 failed: 2

That's CMD_802_11_DATA_RATE. A command that newer firmwares don't 
understand and a command that isn't even needed at all for older 
firmwares. It looks like you don't use the current libertas 
driver from wireless-testing, because I removed that command.

> libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x00a3 failed: 2
> libertas: PREP_CMD: command 0x00a3 failed: 2

That's CMD_MESH_CONFIG. Seems your firmware doesn't support mesh.

> And if I use enable SDIO interrupts, I will get "libertas:
> Command 3 timed out" # mmc0: new SDIO card at address 0001
> libertas: Command 3 timed out

Hmm, not sure if this is command sequence no 3 or command 3. My 
commits always emit commands in the printf-style 0x%04x :-)

If it is command 0x0003, then it would be CMD_GET_HW_SPEC and 
that your driver works without CMD_GET_HW_SPEC would be by 
chance. AFAIK the driver get's its MAC-address out of the card 
via CMD_GET_HW_SPEC ...   so what does "ifconfig" report for 

I cannot say more about this unless you enable LBS_DEB_CMD and 
LBS_DEB_HEX, maybe even LBS_DEB_HOST (don't send my sdio debug 
things, I cannot decipher them and don't really care).

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