8686 with SDIO on AT91SAM9263

Eric BENARD ebenard at free.fr
Fri Jan 25 12:46:58 EST 2008

Hans-Jürgen Koch a écrit :
> Am Fri, 25 Jan 2008 15:52:36 +0100
> schrieb Eric BENARD <ebenard at free.fr>:
>> Hi Marc,
>> Marc Pignat a écrit :
>>> On Friday 25 January 2008, Hans-Jürgen Koch wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> thanks for your patches, I applied and tested them. Unfortunately,
>>>> they don't change anything. But during my test I noticed an
>>>> interesting
>>> ...
>>> Did you mean you still have 'mmc0: Timeout waiting end of packet'
>>> messages? Try to remove the patch for packets not modulo 4 and
>>> modify if_sdio to send only packets with size modulo 4. This is
>>> what I do here, because the at91rm9200 just can't handle these
>>> packets.
>>> Hope this help, still searching for other ideas :-D
>> On an AT91SAM9260 with a Marvell libertas 8686 on SlotB, I can
>> confirm that your both patches correctly workaround the problem of
>> the the Data Timeout Error.
> Well, I don't see Data Timeout Messages anymore, but it keeps resetting
> endlessly, and it still hangs in the same place.
in fact, you also need to add pad into the if_sdio.c driver in order to 
pad blocks to modulo 4 size.

>> BTW, I'm using MMC_CAP_SDIO_IRQ and the SDIO IRQ and I patched
>> libertas driver to pad blocks to a modulo 4 size.
> In theory, this shouldn't be neccessary (TM) for the AT91SAM9263. But
> I'd like to try it. Could you send me your patch so I don't have to
> reinvent the wheel?
I'm actually working on it (restarted from a clean 2.6.24 kernel source).


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