ARM, SDIO over SPI & 88W8686 firmware loading issue

Julien Boibessot julien.boibessot at
Thu Feb 21 17:12:51 EST 2008

Hi !

I was just trying some cool stuffs of the new 2.6.24 Linux kernel on my
ARM9 platform, ie 8686 SDIO & SDIO over SPI drivers, but I have some
problem at firmware loading stage.

I have a 8686 Marvell chip connected to the SPI port of my ARM9 platform
and try to use the libertas_sdio driver. The 8686 is correctly set in
SPI mode, correctly detected by SDIO stack and helper image seems to be
correctly loaded (I can see all the CMD53 being sent). The problem
occurs when loading the first block of the "real" firmware.
Corresponding CMD53 fails with a strange R5 response: 0xF5. If think
"helper" is ok because the driver can read the requested transfer size
(16 bytes) from IF_SDIO_RD_BASE.

The firmware images I use are the one from Marvell website and are
working if I use them with a 8686 SDIO card on my x86 laptop (with a
Ricoh SDHCI).

Do someone have an idea about my firmare loading problem ?
Are there some open datasheets available for that chip ?

Thanks !


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