Somehow senseless compare in lbs_process_rx_command()

Sebastian Siewior bigeasy at
Fri Feb 15 12:06:16 EST 2008

I found this while fighting with libertas:

|if (resp->seqnum != resp->seqnum) {
|        lbs_pr_info("Received CMD_RESP with invalid sequence %d (expected %d)\n",
|                        le16_to_cpu(resp->seqnum), le16_to_cpu(resp->seqnum));
|        spin_unlock_irqrestore(&priv->driver_lock, flags);
|        ret = -1;
|        goto done;

This is in Linus' tree and in the libertas git tree at git.infradead.
The change is caused by ac4cced6e8504. So maybe we should kill this
block or compare with something that might be different :)


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