Problems with GSPI

Dan Williams dcbw at
Fri Dec 19 16:39:15 EST 2008

On Sun, 2008-12-14 at 12:47 +0100, Erwin Authried wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using the 88W8686 in GSPI mode, and I have created a if_gspi module
> to be able to use the libertas driver instead of Marvell's original
> driver. I tried ad-hoc mode first, and that seems to work fine, I'm
> getting event interrupts when a link is lost or re-established. In
> managed mode, I can establish a WEP connection using iwconfig, and I'm
> getting an interrupt when the link to the AP is lost. I'm not getting
> any further event interrupts when the link comes back or goes down
> again, however. With wpa supplicant, everything works fine, but I'd
> still like to know if it's normal that no events are received in managed
> mode, except the first event when the link goes down. I'm using firmware
> version gspi 9.70.3p37, but I have seen the same problem with older
> firmware and the original Marvell driver as well. I'd like to know if
> there's the same problem is there with SD and CF.

Any chance you could try one of the GSPI patches that just got posted?
We should try to converge on a single GSPI driver so that we can
actually try to track down stuff like this.  In response to the actual
question though, when you say "the link comes back", do you mean that
the reconnection process initiated by wpa_supplicant is successful and
eventually reports CONNECTED?  Can you post some wpa_supplicant logs
with "-dddt" full debugging?  AFAIK MAC events should still be
generated, though the firmware is sometimes dodgy.  I'd suspect
something odd in your GSPI code about clearing the interrupt register
correctly, or handling the event correctly when the event packet comes
back from the card.  Then I'd suspect the firmware, then next the driver
event handling code.  To diagnose though, we'd need some visibility into
how the actual GSPI code you wrote works, or we can all try to use the
same code (ie, Colin McCabe's patch or something).


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