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Tue Dec 16 14:09:22 EST 2008

On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:02 AM, Dan Williams <dcbw at> wrote:
> Yeah, in general this stuff is highly controller-dependent; there are
> some comments in if_sdio about that sort of thing.  Some controllers
> don't really support reads of certain byte widths, others require random
> alignments, etc.  I've usually tested libertas_sdio on an generic laptop
> Ricoh SD/MMC controller and that normally works well, but we certainly
> had to quirk a few things for the OLPC "Cafe" SD controller.  Also make
> sure you're using a fairly recent kernel (2.6.26 if possible) since
> there have been fixes to the SDIO stack itself in the kernel since it
> got merged in 2.6.24.

Slightly off-topic, but: does anyone know of a way to get the Ricoh
SD/MMC (or similar) controller packaged in something suitable for my
desktop PC (or even a laptop with CardBus)?  I'd love to have more
options for testing libertas SDIO cards without having to dedicate a
laptop that comes with that controller.  The cheapo laptops I've seen
(ex: EEE PC) seem to always have a mass-storage-only USB SDIO/MMC
interface and the Ricoh controller seems to come on more expensive
laptops (ex: ThinkPad T61).  Does anyone know of a PCI card or
something similar that will do the job and doesn't cost a ton of
money?  Thanks,

Andrey Yurovsky
cozybit Inc.

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