wext.c: lbs_get_range() needs fixing (to correct iwlist txpower output)

Johan Adolfsson Johan.Adolfsson at axis.com
Tue Aug 12 16:50:25 EDT 2008

When wext.c: lbs_get_range() fills up the range->txpower array 
we should really have done a CMD_802_11_RX_TX_POWER GET cmd and stored the 
maxpower and minpower that the response provide 
(for newer hardware and firmware 9 at least)
and use that info to fill in the array instead of
the hardcoded list that probably is only accurate for 
some hardware.
(According to the module maker, the module we use support 4-14 dBm)

(maxpower and minpower is present in the response but not 
in the cmd, and is currently missing in struct cmd_ds_802_11_rf_tx_power).
(In 2.6.25 at least)

Anyone else that have seen this or is working on this ?
Anything particular to consider when cmd and response is not
of the same size?


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