iMX31 and 88W8686 SDIO module

claud_yu claud_yu at
Tue Apr 29 07:31:22 EDT 2008

Hi Holger ,

Finally the libertas driver work now , I didn't change anything in driver except previous change of if_sdio.c. I have two version firmware. 
One is 9.70.3.p18 and other is 8.73.7.p3. The command  CMD_802_11_DATA_RATE fail with release 9.70.3.p18 but success with 8.73.7.p3.
The frimware release version will be a issue of libertas driver.
Now the driver cam associate to non-security AP and use dhcp to get a ip address. 
Using ping to ping getway and using wget to download a big file (180M) with ftp protocol. 
But  the ping round-trip still awful (~30ms) , and the ftp performance still bad ( ~80KB/s). Now I need to study the performance issue.

Claud Yu

> I have two suggestions:
> * Try to get a full moblin image and search there 
> in /lib/firmware for the firmware that suits the driver.
> * or ditch lbs_get_data_rate() and implement your own,
> maybe by 
> providing a fixed list. And for lbs_set_data_rate(), you
> could 
> just "return -ENOPERM" or whatever for now.
> It's only ever 
> called if the user runs "iwconfig eth1 rate XXX"
> anyway. The 
> real solution (and one that you could contribute back the
> linux 
> community) would be a check for the firmware version and
> act 
> accordingly.
> We might even think about getting rid of
> lbs_get_data_rate() 
> generally, independend from the firmware version. After
> all, 
> firmware capability bit mask from CMD_GET_HW_SPEC tells us
> if 
> the device is 802.11b, .11g or .11a or a combination
> thereof. So 
> we can deduce the valid data rates from the capability
> bits.
> If you provide such a patch, I'm happy to test this on
> CF and an 
> older USB firmware.


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