iMX31 and 88W8686 SDIO module

Holger Schurig hs4233 at
Fri Apr 25 03:35:37 EDT 2008

> libertas enter: if_sdio_interrupt():820

Okay, good news: the interrupt handling seems to work.

> libertas thread: interrupt: 0x1
> libertas host: PREP_CMD: wait for response
> libertas enter: if_sdio_card_to_host():258
> libertas thread: packet size (50 bytes) from firmware

Here the code says that there are 50 bytes for us.

> libertas thread: packet of type 1 and size 0 bytes

And now this has suddenly reduced to 0 bytes. Something must be 
wrong here. Maybe add lbs_dump_hex() around this lines to find 
the cause.

> libertas thread: packet fragment (0 < 50)
> libertas enter: if_sdio_handle_cmd():135
> libertas thread: response packet too large (-4 bytes)
> libertas leave: if_sdio_handle_cmd():164, ret -7
> libertas: problem fetching packet from firmware
> libertas leave: if_sdio_card_to_host():345, ret -7
> libertas leave: if_sdio_interrupt():854, ret -7

This are probably followup-errors.

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