MuRata WiFi Module with Marvell 88w8686

claud_yu claud_yu at
Mon Apr 14 22:20:11 EDT 2008

--- Dan Williams <dcbw at> 說:
> It would be useful to try the moblin driver just to
> see if it works, so
> we can figure out why and fix the upstream driver if
> there's a problem
> with it.

That is I try to do. If the two different driver have
the same behavior. I need to re-check our hardware
design or SOC chip errata. iMX31 have several bug with
SD interface with multi-block write operation. I only
try to figure out the way to make module work.
> We spent a _lot_ of time getting the original 838x
> Marvell driver
> suitable for upstream, and the moblin driver has
> none of that.  I also
> spent a lot of time getting the upstream driver
> working correctly with
> Wireless Extensions, while the moblin driver (last I
> knew) didn't have
> any of that either...  I'm not quite sure why moblin
> decided to use the
> vendor driver rather than improving the upstream
> one.
> Dan
I know that. The libertas more compatible with
wireless extension of linux. I have experiment about
porting NXP BGW2XX driver to linux 2.4 and 2.6. But
NXP drop the product for some reason. So I need to
find other chip like 88w8686.

Claud Yu


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