libertas sdio on bf548 w/ uclinux

Julien Boibessot julien.boibessot at
Mon Apr 14 16:17:53 EDT 2008

Dan Williams a écrit :
> That's all handled by udev these days on most systems, unfortunately I'm
> not so up-to-date on the details of udev.  Might be best to ask around
> the udev lists.  Do you have any other drivers in your kernel that use
> request_firmware(), and do they work?
On my ARM9 system, with a Buildroot made Rootfs (without udev), 
following script is working to load helper firmware (save it as 

if [ "$FIRMWARE" != "" ]; then
        echo 1 > /sys/$DEVPATH/loading
        cat $HOTPLUG_FW_DIR/$FIRMWARE > /sys/$DEVPATH/data
        echo 0 > /sys/$DEVPATH/loading

If it can help...

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