MuRata WiFi Module with Marvell 88w8686

claud_yu claud_yu at
Mon Apr 7 03:26:18 EDT 2008

Yes. I will try to use other module to verify again.
And I forgot some important to tell. First time I use
iMX31 SD interface connect to 88w8686 and I get a
error(-84) at first 60 byte of  helper firmware
download procedure . And I change the default setting
of SD interface of iMX31. I disable 4-BIT capacity of
SD interface. And The helper download success but get
other error at first transaction of firmware download.
Maybe the error related to 4bit or 1bit of io

Claud Yu 

--- Julien Boibessot <julien.boibessot at> 說:

> claud_yu a 矇crit :
> >  But I never get the same debug message again.
> Even at
> > iMX31 ARM platform. When I insert the WiFi module
> and
> > get CMD_TIMEOUT error message from SD host
> controller.
> >   
> It seems to run on i.MX21:
> Regards,
> Julien


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