[RFC] libertas: convert libertas driver to use an event/cmdresp queue

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Tue Apr 1 08:39:19 EDT 2008

> It's been tested lightly on USB, SDIO, and CF.  I'd like wider
> testing on CF as this patch causes SSH transfers to stall
> (only on CF!)

I've modified if_cs.c somewhat and did

$ scp inkscape inkview emacs-snapshot-x mtn \
  emacs-snapshot-nox pgadmin3 quanta gs-gpl \
  root at
inkscape           100% 5856KB 650.7KB/s   00:09
inkview            100% 5853KB 585.3KB/s   00:10
emacs-snapshot-x   100% 5333KB 666.6KB/s   00:08
mtn                100% 5263KB 657.9KB/s   00:08
emacs-snapshot-nox 100% 4913KB 614.1KB/s   00:08
pgadmin3           100% 3925KB 654.2KB/s   00:06
quanta             100% 3597KB 719.5KB/s   00:05
gs-gpl             100% 3597KB 599.4KB/s   00:06

I didn't notice any stall so far.  What test did you make?

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