[PATCH, take 3] libertas: convert RSSI to a direct command

Marc Pignat marc.pignat at hevs.ch
Tue Apr 1 03:43:55 EDT 2008

Hi all!

On Tuesday 01 April 2008, Holger Schurig wrote:
> > Won't this call block? You can't block in the get_wireless
> Do you see a way around this?

what do you think about that:
* store RSSI with it's associated time (ktime or jiffies?)
* when the RSSI is requested, send the request message to the wireless card
  (and don't wait for the response), and return the old RSSI if not too old,
  else return -ERESTARTSYS.

The ioctl should be re-called when we return -ERESTARTSYS, (at least I hope so).

Best regards


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